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From the bride and groom being on an emotional high, to the guests having the best time of their lives, to the parents crying, these are all the moments we live and are in business for! We aim to tell a story of love, sacrifice, sadness but yet happiness, all at the same time through intricate and complex wedding films. It takes years of planning to finally reach this beautiful day. We think that in itself is beautiful, and so if you are inquiring, congrats!

Henry Adewale Films is a cinematography company that routinely travel documenting and crafting beautiful luxury films for clients around the United States. The style of shooting is modern, non-traditional and extremely unobtrusive, as this will always bring out natural-candid/raw emotions during an event.

If you are looking for quality and peace of mind on your wedding day, then you’re in the right place. Henry Adewale Films book weddings on a first come first serve basis and only accept a limited number of weddings a year and so inquire early to ensure availability. We are excited and looking forward to hearing from you!

Call (401)663-2599 or email weddings@henryadewalefilms.com